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Art + Life Design: Services


Celebrate the Summer Solstice with us as we use our love of art and life design to welcome in the lightest and longest day of the year.

It's time to re-centre and celebrate our strengths. 

"My daughter and I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the radiant summer solstice event that was very graciously hosted by Kelly Wood and Sam Welsh. We couldn’t have asked for a better mix of art, nature, sharing, wisdom, poetry, and the most special mom and daughter way to welcome in the summer solstice and prepare ourselves to release ourselves to the new season!  Every detail was extremely well thought out, organized and was executed to perfection.  Thanks ladies for the special experience and a new special spot in nature for the two of us to share and definately a new tradition for us!"
Misty Kendal

Art + Life Design: Pro Gallery


Art + Life Design - the very best of two amazing worlds coming together to support you in getting what you want. My partner in creativity is Sam Welsh, arts educator + community gatherer.

Together, we use life design process and questions to open up possibility and then anchor your learning with art practices such as weaving, collage and clay-making. These are beautiful sessions that have profound impact.

Contact me if you're interested in weaving art + life design into your conference or corporate event or if you want to join one of our open sessions.

Check out Sam at

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Art + Life Design: Welcome


Art + Life Design: Testimonials

"I am fortunate enough to know Kelly and Sam and their creativity, kindness and authenticity are truly reflected in their sessions. From the onset they ensured accessibility and created a safe, creative space for participants. The session was well-paced and so encouraging. They both have very unique superpowers and to know that they are combining their gifts to present such beautiful offerings of creative expression, self care and life design is such a treat. Kelly and Sam are a dream team and I highly recommend attending one (or all) of their sessions."

Lynda Vang took part in our
Winter Solstice Weaving Art + Life Design session

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