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Leadership + Positive Culture Building

You could give your company's future no greater gift than to put your energy into company culture. What you perceive it to be, what your employees think it is, what's working, what's not and how to address those pieces to really allow your company's vision be held up by your greatest advocates and champions - your employees.


Trust. Good communication. A healthy relationship with conflict. Emotionally intelligent conversations. Investing in creating healthy cultures has a direct line to a healthy financial bottom line.

Excited to talk about it? Me too.  

Positive culture is a strong predictor of corporate success

Creating positive culture is a key competitive business advantage for corporations today. When done properly, with focus on values and needs of the organization, positive culture creates a tremendous amount of energy and improves the organization’s ability to thrive.

Shared, enduring, pervasive, enduring and implicit culture directly positively relates to employee engagement and motivation.

Trust in the leadership of organizations is a leverage point for more engaged employees, better retention, more collaboration and higher amounts of self-reported joy on the job.  Research has found that those working in high trust companies enjoyed their jobs 60% more, were 70% more aligned with their companies’ purpose and felt 66% closer to their colleagues and experienced 40% less burnout. 

Nothing more needs to be said - research shows clearly that positive culture building counts - not only to the team's wellness and retention, but to the corporate financial bottom line.

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