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Box full of beautiful treats + all the tools for a session to create powerful intentions for the new year. Start living the life you want with the New Year's Intention Setting Box.
For purchase from October 15 - December 15

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Give yourself or someone you love the gifts of clarity, chocolate, motivation and connection as we move into 2021! 

The 2021 Intention Setting Box comes with a selection of beautiful treasures from Banff National Park and beyond, as well as the tools and support you need to set positive intentions for the new year.

You’ll get: 

* a 60-minute Intention Setting life design session with Kelly Wood 

* two original artworks by local artists Becky Hillustrations and Teeny Botanist 

* a unique and elegant piece of sterling silver jewelry from Mindan’s Designs Jewelry

* a fabric mask made with love by Canmore Mask Makers 

* a blend of loose leaf tea of your choice from the Banff Tea Company

* all the tools you need to be successful during the session 

Create powerful intentions for the new year and start living the life you want with the 2021 Intention Setting Box.

I set my intentions with Kelly Wood first thing each January. It’s a great way to take stock of what you learned in the last year, what you want to leave behind, and to plot out a path for where you’re headed. I leave the session with a roadmap to a happier, healthier, more connected me—one who is ready to work towards the goals that aren’t always easy to articulate in something as simple as a resolution. It’s a must-do if you’re wondering where to put your energy and focus, and want help figuring out what’s really important to you.

Devon Murphy

New Year Intention Setting Box: News and Tips
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