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Book club? Noooooo - Word Pile Party

This is my fav part of the website - Word Piles. I think I might just have to have a VERY casual, very informal and certainly not regular Word Pile Party where we dive into a book that I feel is really beneficial to our community.

Burnout, The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski is really, really interesting to me. It's about what we can and need to do to close out the biological process our bodies go through when we encounter stress. This is something that other mammals instinctively do, but humans have lost the natural pull to do. Keeping stress in our bodies causes sickness; heart disease, chronic pain and injuries that won't heal among many others.

You all, I think this is really important right now in our lives. There are all sorts of big stresses going on in our lives externally, things we have no control over: job loss, the freaking US election, pandemic etc and things that we deal with every day - shitty work colleagues, bad relationships. And then the stressful things entirely within us - that terrible inner critic, the one who pushes us to do things that we don't feel good or comfortable with. This book talks to us about how to release that stress in a good, healthy way so our bodies can move on with strength and resilience.

I have known about the stress cycle for a long time and have talked to clients about getting outside to shake off stress - walk until you're sweaty, run, kitchen dance - like really rock out. But in this book there are lots of other suggestions on how to complete the stress cycle. Some as easy (and hard) as a 5-second breath in, a ten second breath out, pause for 5 seconds. repeat 5 times.

So, I want to talk about this book with you babes. I'm interested in what you pull out of it that is different from what I'm seeing. I'm interested in where we have the same moments of 'yes!'

Get it and read it if it calls to you. Eventually I'll throw an invitation out there to see if others want an informal chat about this book. I think it's an important read.


PS Brene is also interested in this book and did an interesting interview. Here you go!

PSS Oh my god excuse the nail polish alert on my thumb!!

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