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Parent as Coach | Who is it for? It’s For You.

Parent as Coach is for everyone

  • Adoptive and foster parents 

  • LGBTQ+ parents

  • Stay at home parents 

  • CEO parents

  • Parents in traditionally set up families 

  • Parents of little ones 

  • Parents of teens 

  • Single parents

The online course is crafted to support you to create rich and trusting relationships with your children through learning fundamental coaching techniques, emotional intelligence and growth mindset. The course gives you tools you can implement immediately with your family, and processes that you’ll have access to for the rest of your parenting journey. And, Parent as Coach creates a sense of community and support within the cohort participants. 

It’s a powerful course that will leave you empowered, and with a new understanding of how to implement easy tools to create trust with your child.

As a mom, I feel so grateful every single day that I know fundamental coaching skills that bring my daughter closer to me. She knows she can trust me with the things that are important to her, and the things that feel scary to her. We communicate well (not perfectly) through tricky moments when both of us are at the end of our rope and tempers are high. Because I have been modeling a coach approach with her, she has the ability to stand in her authenticity and ask for what she wants or needs (not all the time, not perfectly).

I am an adult educator, I am a coach, I am a mom. I’ve got great things to teach you that will help you in your journey to be the parent you want to be.

Curious about Parent as Coach? Get in touch and I’ll tell you more about it. I would love to have you join us.

I am beyond grateful for the incredible impact that Kelly Wood's Parent as Coach course had on my relationship with my teenage daughter.  As a parent navigating the challenges of adolescence, I found myself searching for a deeper connection and more effective communication with my daughter.  Kelly's course not only met but exceeded my expectations, bringing a profound shift in the way I approach parenting. Kelly guided us to approach our interactions with our children from a place of curiosity rather than immediately resorting to advice-giving.  This subtle yet powerful shift in my parenting has begun to transform the dynamics in our household.

Bobbi Carpino, alumni of Parent as Coach.


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I'm Kelly

This is a space to get tips, coaching inspiration, get to know me a little better and engage into learning.

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