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Podcast Interview | Life Design, Positive Culture Building and .... My Life as a Wrangler?!

I got some time with the incredible leader and coach, David Fung (check out the podcast here) to talk through how I've designed my own life, what burnout looks like in corporate culture from my perspective, and some tips on how to deal with burnout on a systemic level to get back to positive culture.

We talked about core values, and how they are a key component to making healthy decisions and creating firm, kind boundaries.

And yes, we talk about my early 20's obsession with romantic poetry and how it led me to be a wrangler in the Rocky Mountains for a few years.

Click here to watch my interview with David on YouTube

Photo from Unsplash - it's not me, tho I'm damn sure I looked like this. The photographer is Taylor Brandon. Fun horse's name was Bud Light (oh my god NO I didn't name him, he was from the rodeo circuit) and he was a black and white (with a little brown) paint. He used to lie down when he was tired and I would snuggle up with him. I loved that horse so much. We were an all woman team who worked with 111 horses from early Spring to late Fall in the Rockies. We lived in tipis and spent so much time outside we could actually sense the very moment the seasons changed from one to another. It was a glorious, glorious way to spend my early 20's.

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