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Setting intentions that actually mean something | I've got your back

"The 2021 Intention Setting Box provided me with the time and space to sit down and reflect on what's truly important. Through an incredible combination of charisma, nurturing, and of course magic, Kelly Wood created a safe space for me to hold myself accountable, put myself first, and set myself up to live into my goals for 2021. " - Cecelia Leddy

Check out Cecelia’s work at @teenybotanist on IG

Over the last month, I’ve met with women for my annual Intentions Setting Sessions – and it’s been so FUN. These sessions are some of my very favourite – they are empowering, clarifying and energizing and set us up so well for the year ahead. It is a beautiful thing to take an hour or so of time just for you to create what you want for your future. Here are just some of the things that these women will be stepping into as they move into 2021:

Ease. Badass. Magic, Love, Hope. Mastery. Really Fucking Brave. Fun. Wonder + Magic. Femininity. Balance. Grounded. Creative + Designing. Deep Joy. Energized. Spirituality.

Here are a few pro tips for anyone who might be reading this who didn’t get a session with me this year (there is always next year!).

Step 1: Start by thinking about what you want to let go of. What no longer serves you that you want to leave behind in 2020? Sometimes this looks like a habit, a behaviour, a relationship, a way of talking to ourselves. Write it down, just bullet points will do. Don’t step deeply into the feelings that thing (or things) gives you. And then, with intention, create some ceremony around letting go – maybe write it down and then (my favourite) burn it, or rip it up into tiny pieces and throw in the toilet… or my other new favourite (thank you to my client who took the time to do this), take it outside and run it over with your car… twice.

Step 2: Think about what will really really light you up in the next year. If you had it your way, what would you step into to make some really wonderful things show up? Think about the values words that might help you get to where you want to go – do you need a little more joy in your life? Maybe some wisdom, balance, connection, or, as one of the women who took part in the intentions sessions said, really fucking brave as she embarks on some new changes in her life.

Step 3: Take your choosen words – maybe joy, wisdom, connection, integrity, mastery and define them for yourself. Write a little story about how they might show up for you in 2021 to help you create what you want. Create a playlist with the word as the title – do I have an EASE playlist? Yes, I do, and I turn it on when I need to remember that a feeling of ease really supports me to mellow out in times of stress.

Intention setting can be done at any time of the year. Setting intentions with me is fun, meaningful and gets down to the authentic you so you can create the life that is truly yours to live. Yeeeessssssss!

Thanks for reading.


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