Art + Life Design 

Artist Sam Welsh and I are so excited to be back with another Solstice celebration. This time we're inviting you to connect - connect to what's important to you, connect to Nature and connect to the people you love. You can take part with your friends or family who might be on the other side of the country or even in another part of the world. We wanted to create an experience that would allow authentic connection both to ourselves and our loved ones.


June 19 | 10 - 11 MST

An hour long Zoom with all the participants to get ready to choose your own adventure outside. We'll be explaining the process, going through the art supplies and prompting you with some great questions you can hold while you're out on the land


June 19 + 20 

Go out, meander, sit under a tree, hike up a pass and sit on a mountain top, take your picnic blanket and sit on the little green space just outside your house, sit on your deck. You'll using our directions to create beautiful Nature art while taking a moment to deeply be in your body, connect with your thoughts and what you want you want to create in your life this summer. We want pictures!! We invite you to FaceTime the people you love so they can join you in the experience.


Then we'll meet again at 5 - 6 MST on Zoom to talk about the experience and what we individually learned, and collectively can take away from our wisdom from the day.

Radiant Solstice | Summer 2021

  • We have 2-ways you can join us, with a gorgeous package of art + life design supplies put together by us. This option is on a sliding scale, from $35 - $50,

    We also have a version where you can print and make your own (we'll make sure to email you the PDFs of directions and tools, and tell you what art supplies you'll need). This option is $20.

    *We want you to participate. We want your people to participate. It's going to be a really good moment of rest and reflection in a year of chaos and stress. We absolutley have scholarships to attend, just email