The Rest + Resilience Box comes with gorgeous, original art made especially for the box and hand-picked, curated goods from businesses in the Bow Valley. It also comes with an hour long life design session where we’ll explore strategies and tools you'll use in your everyday life to get more rest (yes, even if you’re working a full-time job, have a side hustle and are looking after your family or friends). You'll understand stress and how to lessen it, and I'll pass on tried and true life design strategies so you can get more of what you want in your life. 


Resilience comes from a rested, healthy mind and body – in these days where we’re striving and grinding, where we’re keeping our lives together with duct tape and elastic bands to make it all work, creating resilience is more important than ever. 


These amazing Soap Options.

I am so grateful for the love and care that Tori of Fern and Flower Soap has put into these options for us. Good luck in choosing!!


Scent: Cedarwood and Oakmoss 
Colours: Moss green, and forest green swirls with streaks of gold and a gold bio-degradable glitter top with real jade stones
Attributes of jade: Luck, prosperity, friendship, wisdom, tranquility, serenity, harmony, brings out the true self, enhances dreams, protection, unconditional love, nurturing. 
Red Jasper
Scent: Tobacco Leaf
Colours: Brick red, burnt orange, and ochre layers topped with gold holographic bio-degradable glitter and real red jasper stones
Attributes of red jasper: Protection, gently stimulating, energy-grounding, emotionally calming, stability, balance, tranquility, wholeness, helps when facing problems.
Rose Quartz
Scent: Magnolia, Damask Rose, Jasmine, with Silver Cedar and Vanilla Amber 
Colours: Dusty rose, cream, and silver swirls with silver rose bio-degradable glitter on top and real rose quartz crystals
Attributes of rose quartz:  Promotes unconditional love, kindness, caring, forgiveness, compassion, harmony in relationships, deep inner healing, reassuring, helps with grief, self-love.

SOLD OUT | Rest + Resilience Box

  • Meet the beautiful artists and businesses that have taken part in the Rest + Resilience Box! 


    The artist cards were created especially for this box - I am so honoured that artists the likes of Cecelia Leddy of Teeny Botanist and Becky Hill of BeckyHillustration are willing to partner with me to create unique values cards just for the box and for you. You just wait, they are GORGEOUS.


    Linnea Martina Hannigan created the bookmarks you'll find in the box, they are generated from her extrodinary work depicting our mountains. 


    I've been stalking Katie at Of Cabbages and Kings Ceramics for years and have a bunch of her work. She created the tumblers in the box especially for you. They are beautiful and you'll cherish yours, I know it.


    A huge thank you to Fern and Flower Soap for the specially crafted soap - it is so gorgeous and made with so much intention. Tori matches colour, scent and stones and designed soap with rest + resilience in mind.


    Carole at Edible Life has brought you her world famous granola, that powers some of the most elite athletes, as well as those of us that just like to meander by the river on nice days. She also threw in her gluten free, dairy free, raw Goji Cocao Balls. Exteme yum. 

  • I will drop off your box if you are local, and post to you if you're far away! Add $15 for shipping to US and internationally.