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I've never loved the word blog, and this sure isn't going to be as regular as a newsletter - BUT, I think we can have some fun in this space. Welcome to the WORD PILES part of the website. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts and research with you right here, stacking up words for you to delight in, set fire to or take in and contemplate. Right now, I'm really interested in REST and I'll be doing some reading and research that I will share with you. 

I'm also super interested (like, so interested that my Masters is around this topic) in how we create positive culture in workplaces - and I know that topic really resounds with some of you as well. So I'll put some of my musings and research on that here too. 

And sometimes, I'll just post a poem, a picture or a song that pulls at my soul, in the hope it might pull at you too.

Enjoy the Word Piles my friends.

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