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Create the life you want 


Coaching is an empowering co-creation process that allows you to tap into your most aligned and authentic answers to move forward in the way that’s right for you.


Coaching is transformational - it’s deeply important personal and professional development work that will positively affect every part of your life. Through my commitment to my own ongoing education and mentoring I hold the highest standards in coaching so I can hold the space for you to do the work that needs to get done so you can be clear, inspired and confident in the path you craft to move forward.


Course offering

Think of your  core values  as the compass that guides you to direct your thinking, feeling, actions, and behaviours towards your ideal life. When your values are aligned you’ll spend less time lost in the dark and more time taking steps in the right direction towards your goals. 

Kelly’s signature course, Aligned is 4 weeks of deepening your relationship with the true you.

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Parent as coach

Course offering

Parent as coach gives parents  fundamental coaching skills  so they have deeper, richer and more trusting relationships with their child(ren) and family systems. 


Parent as Coach will provide you with tools and concepts that will have immediate impact, and will deepen your relationship with your child(ren) and within the family system.


Tamara Mercandelli

Ex-restauranteur and Co-founder of Kootney Soulfood Cooperative

Kelly’s ability to listen to me and ask great questions has helped guide some of my biggest life decisions. I wish I could articulate better how truly transformative coaching sessions with her can be! I wholeheartedly recommend getting on board with anything Kelly is doing and if you have a chance to work with her - DO IT! She is the wise woman you need.

Chris Dearlove

Managing Director, National Creation Fund + Professional Development | National Arts Centre

The National Arts Centre was thrilled to work with Kelly on our inaugural Leadership Exchange, a new professional development program for staff.  Kelly led very thoughtful and inspiring coaching sessions with each individual, as well as facilitating discussions between each mentee and mentor.  We received tremendous feedback from the participants about how important this element of the program was to their overall success, and look forward to working with Kelly on future editions of the program.

Bobbi Carpino

Lead Coach at Firecircle

I had the honour of having Kelly as my learning leader and mentor for the Professional + Business Coach Certification Program through Canada Coach Academy. From the start, Kelly created a safe space through her warmth, humour, and genuine passion for coaching. Kelly embodied all that a great coach is, and was an incredible role model. I am excited to start my coaching journey and to have Kelly as a mentor. I truly believe that anyone who has the pleasure of having Kelly will begin their coaching journey in the most amazing way possible

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