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 Parent as Coach 

Parent as Coach gives parents fundamental coaching skills so you have deeper, richer and more trusting relationships with your child(ren) and family systems.


If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning. That way, their children don’t have to be slaves of praise, they will have a lifelong way to build and repair their own confidence.

Carol S. Dweck

Who is it for?

LGBTQ2S+ parents

Single parents

Adoptive + Foster parents

Traditional families 

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with Parent as Coach, designed to align parents with their authentic selves, while fostering secure attachment with their kids. This unique and supportive experience creates a space for profound inquiry and growth within the family system.


  • 8 weeks (including a learning lab)

  • 1, 2-hour sessions weekly

  • Read + watch parenting resources weekly

  • Homework to anchor learning

  • Includes: 1, 1:1 hour-long session with Kelly to anchor learning, ask questions, get coaching.

  • A free Rest Strategies for Super Busy Parents video, from Kelly’s research on rest + resilience

  • Your own aligned and authentic parenting roadmap

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You’ll learn:

Foundational coaching skills, learning more about listening deeply, getting curious, acknowledging your kids for who they are, not what they do, and asking great questions that are sure to provide you with more information.

  • How to take advantage of growth + coach mindset

  • How to empower your kids, and the science of empowerment.

  • You’ll assess how you want to show up as a parent, and start to move towards what you want to create in your relationship with your child(ren)

  • You’ll explore your parenting values so you can use them as a true north star to raising your kids in the way that’s aligned and authentic to you

  • Emotional Intelligence: what it is, how to model for your children and how to use innovative science backed methods to help your kids communicate and understand their emotional experiences.

  • Kid Hacks | Short tips and tricks on how to bring your child closer to you

  • Learn about how to recognize and coach cognitive distortions, or, Stinkin’ Thinkin’

An intimate, online learning space. 

Our cohort is limited to only 12 participants, a group number that allows us to be in good conversation with Kelly & with each other.


What you'll walk away with:

As part of the Parent as Coach you’ll walk away with:

  • A self-created, inspired Parenting Road Map that weaves the learning of the course together

  • Resources and tools that you’ll feel confident to use

  • Parenting Hacks + Coaching Fluency added learning.

  • An exclusive invitation to joining the Parent as Coach 3 and 6 months post course labs. These are two hour Zoom meet ups to refresh and ask questions about your Parent as Coach practice

  • An invitation to the annual Parent as Coach Get Together where we come together to refresh our values, re-look at our parenting manifesto and ask Kelly questions and lean into the group’s parenting wisdom. These are amazing sessions for like-minded parents to get together.

Price breakdown:

 $620  *Pricing plans are available to make payment easy


  • A free Rest Strategies for Super Busy Parents video, from Kelly’s research on rest + resilience

  • 1, 1:1, 60-minute coaching or debrief session with Kelly

  • 1, 20 minute debrief call during the course

  • Curated welcome package

  • Your own values cards deck

  • Exclusive invitations to Parent as Coach group events (online + in person)

  • 10% off other Life Design School offerings

  • weeks of learning, resources + tools

Spring 2024 cohort is full and underway.

Fall 2024 cohort is open for participants!

We'll be starting our next cohort in October.


Kelly has a space put aside in each Parent as Coach cohort for a single mom who would like to take the course, but needs a financial break. If that's you, please touch base with her to talk about how we can get you access to the course.


My favourite part of this course was connecting with like-minded parents and learning from each other. With careful and thoughtful guidance from Kelly, we created a community of parents who gathered each week with open hearts and minds and left with hearts full of gratitude.

Greta  Heathcote

Photographer: Elyse Bouvier

Why did I design this course?

A little about the design of the course.

I crafted Parent as Coach because I believe that teaching simple coaching skills to parents can make a profound difference in children's lives. The skills I teach in this course aren't complicated and hard to implement. They are simple changes you can make so your child feels heard and seen, and therefore empowered. 


I've been a single mom since my teenage daughter was 6 months old, and coaching skills have allowed me to create a rich and trusting relationship with her as we've navigated some very tricky water over her lifetime. As parents, we want to get our relationship with our children right. With curiousity, deep + active listening skills, the ability to craft good questions and to wait just a little longer before jumping in with advice, we can raise children who are confident in themselves and trusting in us as parents. 


Coaching skills aren't a magic wand to make bringing up children seamless and easy, but they will help you create trusting relationships so you can weather the storms and the joys together. This course was born of my three loves: being a mom + being a coach + teaching coaching skills. I promise it will make a difference in your life and relationship with your child(ren).

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