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What? Start with curiosity -
Episode 6: Kelly Wood

w/ Natalie Blias

In Nathalie Blais CEO of Canada Coach Academy's podcast, What? Kelly and Nathalie dig into imposter syndrome, and coaching as an important life skill to move up the corporate ladder and avoid systemic burnout. This is a fun interview of two coach nerds talking about what they love best. Coaching.

 Kelly Wood on Burnout Culture, Rest, Leadership Coaching, and Values

Coachful Coaching Leadership Podcast

Listen to David Fung’s Leadership podcast to hear Kelly talk about burnout culture, inner critics + how to deal with them and some of her background that brought her to coaching. Just for fun, keep listening to hear about her life before coaching: she studied wolves, was a wrangler in the Rocky Mountains and lived in Thailand running a sea kayaking business.

Sharing wisdom.

DopeLife Podcast 
Simple, Impactful Strategies to Slow Yourself Down

w/ Arlene Johnson

In this pod, with Coach AJ, Kelly and Arlene jam about simple, free and easy rest strategies for busy people - parents, front line workers and YOU. Enjoy the passion of these two as they tell stories and pass on hard earned wisdom. 

 'Be the CEO of Your Life' with Kelly Wood

Be the CEO of Your Life Podcast with Olga Lacroix

What is the overlap between amazing parenting skills and excellent leadership skills? Emotional Intelligence. Listen in as two experts share their wisdom about how to increase your relationship building skills in your family system and in your workplace. This pod episode brings actionable steps that you can implement today to create deeper, richer relationships.

Case Studies

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Read  The Heart of Riverdale Case Study to get an idea of how you can work with Kelly to build positive culture in your organization. In this case study, you’ll learn about how to bring a coach approach to strategic planning.

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