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 Design your leadership 

Elevate your leadership skills by reshaping your thinking and getting clarity on where you want to go.

Executive + Leadership

Executive and Leadership coaching clarifies your thinking and your intentions. As your coach, I bring all my education and experience in service of your learning, self-awareness, self management and clairty. 


I am trained in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and Core Strengths, both of which can serve you to become a more effective leader. 


Harvard Business Review recently said that emotional intelligence is now on par with or even more important for leaders than technical knowledge. Leaders must have self-awareness, self management and relationship management skills. I can help.


I'm passionate about my work with leaders and executives; I'm on a mission to help you conquer challenges, craft meaningful plans, and achieve the outcomes you've always dreamed of. Ready to embark on a journey of growth and transformation? Me too.

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Say goodbye to the limitations that have been holding you back and embrace a leadership practice that lights you up. 1:1 Executive Coaching with me is designed to give you the tools and guidance to overcome obstacles and thrive in both your personal and professional journey.

What to expect:

Through  emotional intelligence training , cultivate self awareness and self management that create stronger relationships that last


Hearing from your inner critic or experiencing imposter syndrome? Coaching gives clarity on how to move beyond self imposed barriers

  • Transform into a strong, capable leader with a clear sense of self and direction 

  • Gain the clarity and tools needed to make decisions confidently

  • Experience positive momentum, break free from being stuck and move forward with purpose

  • Develop powerful new listening skills, becoming a strong and attentive listener in all your interactions.

  • Explore your intrinsic motivation to discover a sense of fulfillment as your values become aligned with your actions and choices.

  • Explore your core values, your career values and your work place values to see how they intersect to support you in the leadership role you want.

  • Understand components of trust, and how to create trust with the people around you.

  • Developmental business and career goals and then move toward them with confidence.

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Image by Austin Distel

Who you are:

You’re curious about how to up your leadership skills

  • You’re a a leader who is interested in creating your aligned, authentic and unique leadership style.

  • You’re on a development path, and you’re excited for more

  • You have some dissatisfaction with your current state, and you’re willing to dig in and do good work

  • You’re aware of your limiting self beliefs and imposter syndrome and want support to move beyond

  • You want to step in and create change from a powerful place of self awareness and self management.


Perfect for you if you’re working on short term vision and goals. 

6 sessions

Weekly (with exception of holidays) 


Cadence of meetings to be determined when we meet.

Looking for long term impact on goals or pattern shifts? This package is for you. 

10 sessions

Weekly (with exception of holidays) 


Cadence of meetings to be determined when we meet.

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Kelly calls it like it is. When you’re the founder of an organization, you get into patterns and no one is calling you on anything. She's willing to help me through. In starting to work together, my goal was to help my staff of 50+  trust each other and communicate effectively. I was looking for support with communication, managing conflict, and building a positive workplace. Kelly delivered. Through executive coaching, she is bringing me to where I should be, then I feel like she’s going to take me to another level. Step 1 was ‘know your worth’. Step 2 was ‘make some changes’. Step 3 is going to be ‘what’s possible?’

Andrea Simpson-Fowler
Executive Director, The Heart of Riverdale Arts Based Community Centre

Interested in Leadership Design?

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