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Crafted Courses for Your Best Life.

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Coaching is about getting clear on what you want, moving barriers out of the way and designing action steps to get you where you want to go. 

What to expect

When working with Kelly 

Kelly works with CEOs, founders, executive directors and leadership teams to support them to move forward in healthy and inspired ways.


She also works with people who are at cross-roads, who are looking to amp up their lives, who are looking to deal with inner critics to create the life they want. 


Kelly has over a decade of coaching experience, teaches executive, leadership and life + wellness coaching and has her own successful coaching business. All to say, she knows her stuff. 


You can trust her to co-create with you in a way that will leave you empowered and ready to move into whatever it is that’s next for you.


Mellisa Murray

Executive Director, Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Whitehorse and City Council woman

It has been life changing working with Kelly, the support she provides and her ability to empower and focus on my strengths has been very helpful in managing my life.

Andrea Simpson-Fowler

Executive Director, Heart of Riverdale Arts-Based Community Centre

Kelly has helped me to communicate more effectively with my staff, and to develop great working relationships with leaders in other organizations. She has helped me to believe in myself as a leader and value my contributions to my organization. Kelly understand my values and strengths and reminds me how they help me to make my community a better place.

Erin Woods

CEO ELKWoods Project

Kelly is both deeply curious and sharply insightful, about people, teams, and the world around us.  Her pointed questions are softened by sincere care.  Like oysters needing sand to create pearls, Kelly introduced just enough tension to help me grow, allowing potentially uncomfortable truths to reveal themselves as the jewels of wisdom they are.

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