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Crafting your best life 

Want to live your best, most authentic life? Knowing your core and aspiring values is key. Lean into curiosity to discover your unique, aligned values to create the life you want to live.

Know your values, know yourself, create the life you want.

Course Overview

Your values are the  compass  that helps you direct your thinking, feeling, actions, and behaviours towards your ideal life.

Aligned is a recommended base course for all other course offerings from Kelly’s Life Design School

  • 4 weeks 

  • 1.5 hours per week

  • Read + Watch resources

  • Homework every week to anchor learning

  • 1, 1:1, 60 minute session with Kelly

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Image by Lee Vue

You’ll learn:

With clarity about  our values  we have and know:

  • What’s deeply important to us

  • It’s easier to create an aligned, authentic vision of what we want to create

  • What we’ll say yes and no to. Make good decisions that feel right.

  • Understand why you’ve done things in the past – both things that felt really good to you, things that felt misaligned, and things that might have been complete catastrophes

  • Tune into your intrinsic motivation, the kind of motivation that we have when we’re doing something that lights us up, feels right, authentic, and aligned

  • What boundaries we need to put in place for success. Stay aligned with your integrity – with yourself, not with others’ expectations of you.

  • What experiences we want to live and the steps we must take to get there.

When you know your values and you actively seek to live authentically, you’ll spend less time lost in the dark and more time taking steps in the right direction towards your goals.

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What you'll walk away with:

As part of the Aligned  you’ll walk away with :

  • Your own values deck of cards and the knowledge of how to use them

  • A curated welcome package

  • Great tools that you can use again and again

  • Articles, podcasts and video resources

  • A self created, inspired guide book of your values, unique and authentic  to your life.

Price breakdown:



  • Your own set of values cards

  • A free Rest Strategies video, from Kelly’s research on rest + resilience

Kelly has a dedicated space for a single mom on a sliding scale based on finances. If you're interested, apply for this space by emailing Kelly directly.


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