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 Life Design 

Intentionally craft the life you want to live. 

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What is Life Design?


Life Design is an  intentional  and  kind  exploration of endless possibilities, empowering you to choose an authentic path of clarity, forward movement and abundance. Coaching with me is a pathway to approaching life with joy, ease, connection, and peace, making your journey exciting, interesting and aligned to your purpose.


Together, we'll assess your current position, delve into your passions and reasons behind them, explore your values, and identify impactful shifts for your well-being. 


If the idea of igniting your life through intentional design sparks your curiosity and you want to step into a life you'll wholeheartedly love, reach out to me. There is little more important to me than creating a safe space for people to explore into their best lives. This is the work I am meant to do in the world, and I am thrilled I can do it with you.

Clients I work with are:

Navigating life’s crossroads both big and small

  • Getting stopped by inner critics, letting the 

    • I can’t, 

    • I shouldn’t

    • I’m not good enough get in the way

  • Interested in moving out of hustle + grind and into integrating rest

  • Moving from burnout into a better life

  • Curious about what else life could be - moving out of comfort and into learning + growth mode

  • Ready to explore how knowing their core values support good life decisions, boundaries and crafting a authentic and aligned life

  • Have a vision for where they want to go, and are willing to do the work

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What we’ll do:

Our first connection will be a 30 minute discovery call so I can tell you what coaching is with me, and you can tell me what’s happening for you. Go to my blog post here to read about what coaching is and what it isn’t. Simply put, coaching is interested in the question, ‘what do you want to create?’ rather than, ‘what happened previously that got you here.’​

  • We’ll get crystal clear on what you want out of our relationship and create measures of success so we know we’re moving in the right direction

  • You’ll decide what feels best for you, a package of 6 or 10 coaching sessions

  • Our first 3 coaching sessions will be a week apart (dependent on calendars) and then we’ll check in and get a good rhythm that matches what you need

  • I’ll give you any resources, tools, processes or reading recommendations between sessions that we agree will be of value to you.

  • Sessions are online on Zoom, on the phone or in person if you happen to be where I’m at at the moment!

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 This is your journey and you will lead. 

I’m here to ask great questions, to open a safe, trusting space of inquiry into your self-beliefs, thoughts, feelings, stories you’re telling yourself and open your eyes to possibility and opportunity. It is very freaking exciting work.

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Who you are:

You’re ready for change


You have a dissatisfaction for the status quo in your life


You’re willing to do the work of challenging your own assumptions, beliefs and limiting thoughts

You’re committed to yourself and your development


You’re curious and open to new ways of being, thinking and doing


Perfect for you if you’re working on short term vision and goals. 

6 sessions

Weekly (with exception of holidays) 


Looking for long term impact on goals or pattern shifts?

This package is for you. 

10 sessions

Weekly (with exception of holidays) 


Cadence of meetings to be determined when we meet.

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Kelly is both deeply curious and sharply insightful, about people, teams, and the world around us.  Her pointed questions are softened by sincere care.  Like oysters needing sand to create pearls, Kelly introduced just enough tension to help me grow, allowing potentially uncomfortable truths to reveal themselves as the jewels of wisdom they are.

Erin Woods
CEO the ELKWoods Project

Interested in Life Design?

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