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Getting Ready for Coaching.

Updated: Jan 13

We’ve touched base, and you’re ready to get into coaching. What do you need to do now?

For our sessions, clear your desk, shut your door and turn off your phone. Your session will be most powerful if you aren’t disturbed in your thinking.

Take 2 - 5 minutes before our session to grab some water or tea, get comfortable and get present to the moment. We’re so often rushing from one thing to the next, give yourself the benefit of taking a few deep breaths and relaxing, if even for 2 minutes, before we start.

Spend some time thinking, ‘What’s really important for me for this session?’ You don’t have to have a fulsome answer to this question, but you can begin to bring your attention to what you want to create.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Get quiet, become present, and turn your attention to what you want to create in our session together. 

Your sessions can be on the phone, online via Zoom or in person we’re in the same area. All three of these modalities are powerful, and completely up to you, I have no preference.


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I'm Kelly

This is a space to get tips, coaching inspiration, get to know me a little better and engage into learning.

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