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Knowing your core + aspiring values is key to making good decisions, keeping strong boundaries and creating and maintaining good relationships. No matter what you're exploring in life - a new business, a new relationship, retirement, parenthood or a new job, starting with what's most important to you will help you make the right moves. 


These cards are way more fun than searching through a list of values words - you can take them off the silver ring and sort through them, discarding some, choosing others. 


Included is a postcard sized process card that give you good instructions on a tried and true process that I've used with clients, friends, family, corporate teams, community groups and myself for years.


Clients tell me that they also pull a card in the morning and make whatever they pull the value of the day to explore, or pull a card for them to focus on during a meditation.  Use them with friends or in new relationships to understand people in a deeper way. 


I love these cards. Of course get in touch with me if you want to go on a deep dive into your values and how you live them fully. 

Values Cards

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