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Parent as Coach | The Fundamentals.

Updated: Jan 13

My Parent as Coach offering is a course that’s been waiting to be released into the world for years. I am so excited that I am finally in the position to bring it to parents from all walks of life, from all over Canada and the world. 

The intention behind Parent as Coach is to give fundamental coaching skills to parents so they have deeper, richer and more trusting relationships with their children and family systems.

This course brings together what makes me, me. My love of parenting my daughter, my devotion to my coaching practice, and my love of teaching coaching. I have spent more than a decade in the practice of coaching, studying emotional intelligence as well as teaching/facilitating personal development which has finally made me ready and confident to bring this powerful course, to you!

My coach training has improved my life in so many ways, but the place where I am most thankful for my coaching skills is in my parenting. Fundamental coaching skills make a big difference, in small, easily implemented ways. In our course together I’ll teach you, you’ll go out and practice, I’ll ask you to reflect and then you’ll come back to class to learn more. The classes are fun, super interesting, and a safe space to learn, explore and be you.

Fundamental coaching skills:

  • Help your children feel heard and respected

  • Tap into your child’s wisdom 

  • Help your child trust themselves 

  • Give your child a feeling of being empowered

During our time together, I’ll be teaching you about fundamental coaching skills as well as emotional intelligence and how you can learn and model behaviours that will have a profound effect on your child’s overall well-being. We’ll be talking about growth mindset + coaching mindset, a powerful combination that empowers your children to take on challenges.

What are the fundamental coaching skills?

  • Curiousity

  • Listening

  • Open Ended Questions

  • Acknowledgments

  • No advice

Your training will create even stronger bonds between you and your children, supporting a healthy mind and heart as they grow into their teens and beyond. 

‘I spent some time this week seeing the impact this type of listening might have with my youngest and most stubborn child. Unlike my older son who is super verbal and very engaged in telling me everything about his day, my younger one is the classic one-word child: 6 going on 16. This week as we were driving, getting ready for sleep, or any time it was just the two of us, I tried to ask more open-ended questions. I learned so much! I learned that he does believe that ghosts are real, that he does remember our trip last year but mostly that things were old (in France), he would like to open a restaurant called "<son’s name> Burgers" - so many delightful things that I might not have heard from him had I kept the questions yes/no which I often do when we're busy or I'm distracted. It's such an important reminder that I had classified him in my mind as the one-word answer child but really, I wasn't asking the right questions. Great reframe for me.’

Greta Heathcote

Excited to join? I’m excited to have you. Click here to learn more.


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